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Hair Washing

Care Instructions



Wash your crown no more than once every 3-4 weeks or longer if it doesn't need it! The longer you can go, the longer your piece will last you! Only use professional products that are sulfate free.  Do NOT scrub the piece!  Once wet, apply cleanser in a "milk the cow" motion!  Make sure you deep condition each washing, without adding any product to the top where the knots are hand tied into the piece, or shedding could occur. NEVER use hot oil treatments on your hair! 



Wash your extensions using sulfate & alcohol free products recommended by your stylist.  Apply a conditioning mask once a week to hydrate the hair.  Never sleep with wet extensions.  Throughly dry your hair before bed to avoid tangling.

Water Drops
Hair Salon



Make sure you either place your clean crown on a mannequin head or lay flat on a towel to air dry.  Part it the way you will wear it at this time.  You may also choose to blow dry on a low setting, avoiding scraping your brush across the scalp.



Blow-dry on low heat and always apply a heat protectant. Brush your hair periodically through the day to avoid tangling.  Never brush wet extensions.  When brushing be gentle and start from the bottom work your way up to the root.

Heat Tools

Heating tools may be used with a heat protectant on a low setting not to exceed 350 degrees.   Higher temps can cause discoloration or damage to the hair

Hair Iron
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